Sultry Seduction
Let your hair down and unleash your inner sultry beauty


Class will comprise of an intimate and fun environment. Learn to connect to your body in a fun and flirty way. Come and learn the art of striptease, lap dance and the pole, just for yourself, or to share.


You will learn basic moves and a short routine, with a lot of flare!

* In case you're worried...your feet never have to leave the ground to be

   a sexy pole vixen!


**Private parties! This is a great class for bachelorette or birthday

    parties and fun girl time.


"Words can’t begin to express the emotional weight that was lifted off of me after my first Femme! class. It was the the most freeing feeling I have ever felt. Rain’s energy was so authentic and inspiring. She was able to help me break down the walls I had created, and show me how to embrace every piece of me. I left that class forever changed, deeply inspired, empowered and supported by a community of like minded women. This work will forever be a part of my life. I want every woman I know to to experience Femme!" - Tiana

Tel: 530.212.0460,

Redding, California

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