Create the passion, connection and

             intimacy you desire in life and in love 


                          Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach

I help professional women over 40 create a fulfilling sex life

      Create the passion, connection and

    intimacy you desire in life and in love.  

It's time for you to rediscover YOU!

You Are Already Magnificent

You are not broken. When we are shut down or going through transitions in life, we aren’t always sure what we want. And sometimes we feel we’ve lost ourselves along the way. I want to help you connect not only to your partner and spark your physical connection again, but I also want to help you connect to your desires, passions, and feminine essence. I want you to be able to identify what you want and learn how to communicate it.

Hello! I'm Rain 

Professional Sex and Relationship Mentor

My Story

In my own life, I found myself feeling shut down and disconnected from my feminine essence and sexuality. Instead, I was operating mostly from my masculine energy. I was so busy running several businesses and raising kids, that I lost myself along the way. My husband and I were madly in love, but sex became stale and less frequent. I was dealing with hormonal issues, painful sex, and lost a lot of my hair. 


 I love helping women spice up their sex life & learn

to be more in their feminine essence.


It's never too late to create a life of passion!





"We will have many relationships over the course of our lives.

Some of us will have them with the same person." - Esther Perel

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Passionate Possibilities

It all starts with seeing what's possible. In this complimentary session, valued at $349, we will unearth what it is you want and what tools you need to claim it. This transformative experience will leave you inspired and open to new possibilities!

Fan the Flames

In this 90 day coaching program, you will learn the language of deep connection, hot passion and sexual satisfaction. Through our work together, you will discover the skills to feed, speak, heal and expand into what is sexually possible. 


Are You Carrying Masculine or Feminine Energy

in Your Relationship? 

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